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Low carb kids

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Health, nutrition, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Low carb kids

The biggest thing people are talking about via social media at the moment is should kids be low carb? and there are a lot of mixed reviews.

The magic pill documentary

Since the documentary, the magic pill aired people have started to realise how much junk food has sneaked into their diets, especially into our kid’s diets, and the impact it is having on the health of our kids, they are already starting to refuse good healthy nutritious food preferring to eat highly processed and toxic junk food instead.

If you haven’t seen the magic pill documentary yet (See below) it is a must-see! It has been amazing for making people take responsibility and think about how much sugar their kids are consuming on a day to day basis, thanks to the documentary more and more people have been thinking about changing their children’s diets to eat a healthy low carb way of eating.

Low carb brainwashing

I’m seeing lots of parents asking via social media about transitioning kids over to low carb which I think is great, but I’m also seeing a lot of negativity towards it which I think is due to years of being brainwashed into thinking that low carb is bad, people are saying things like:


  • Kids need carbs
  • Kids need to eat fruit
  • Low carb will stunt their growth
  • Low carb will stop then growing
  • Kids need to eat cereal, fruit and bread to get their vitamins and minerals
  • It’s dangerous for kids to go low carb
  • Too much fat for kids is dangerous
  • Kids need carbs for energy
  • Kids just need to learn self-control
  • Kids can still eat bread and cereal and pasta just in smaller quantities

I still cannot believe how resistant people are for kids to do low carb even when the parent is doing low carb themselves.

Ditch the carbs have put together some great information about why all of the above are myths and how you can transition your children to a low carb diet, they have also created a Facebook page called low carb lunch club. If you want to know how to get your kids started on a low carb lifestyle go over and take a look.

Children need good healthy nutritious food

Children do not need to eat highly toxic processed food in order to get vitamins and nutrients, anything you see that says added vitamins or fortified with iron are substandard synthetic vitamins hell if you actually researched what goes into synthetic vitamins you would certainly think twice about it, there is no substitute for eating real food.

Our bodies are designed to take in food and send them to different parts of the body to be processed and then onto the parts of the body that need it, if kids are eating high carb, high sugar diets then their bodies will not be receiving those vital nutrients.

Yes, you can give your child vitamins but these synthetic vitamins are no substitute for eating real food, food that is high in natural vitamins and minerals. Did you know that in order for some vitamins to work they need to be taken in conjunction with other vitamins? Our bodies are becoming more and more deficient because processed food is becoming a bigger part of our meals, kids are getting lethargic and not wanting to go outside as much as they used to lead to vitamin D deficiencies.

Kids can fill all of their daily nutritional needs by eating healthy nutritious unprocessed food, eating high carb diets are of no benefit to them especially their gut health.

Kids these days do not have strong healthy guts, their vital healthy gut bacteria is being destroyed by vaccines, antibiotics, medications, toxins, bad eating habits and even being born via c-section can impact the gut of newborn babies leading to immune problems.

Eating food high in sugar can worsen these already damaged guts, causing so many health problems including but not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Asthma  
  • Eczema
  • Sleep problems

Too much sugar and processed junk food in a damaged gut can not only cause leaky gut syndrome where undigested food particles can leak into the bloodstream, it can also cause systemic candida overgrowth, this is where the small amount of candida (that normally lives in the gut) takes over the good bacteria and grows out of control, leading to all kinds of health problems.

We want to provide our kids with a healthy foundation, by allowing them to eat high carb, high sugar diets we are setting them up for a life or disease, autoimmune conditions, mental health problems and obesity. Take control now and give your children the building blocks they need to be happy healthy individuals.

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