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Hello and welcome to I luv Keto, I have been following the ketogenic way of eating for some time now, I stumbled across Keto in search of a healthy lifestyle change to try to combat the effects of my un-diagnosed Coeliac disease, to help cure my mental health issues and also to lose some weight. I have since found out I have fibromyalgia so now my journey is about healing my body to be able to live a happy, healthy, normal life, and to help others see that you don’t have to treat your symptoms with medications you can go right to the source and heal yourself from within. I want to be able to share my experiences, of following keto with fibromyalgia and an auto immune disease, I also want to share my keto friendly gluten and wheat free recipes with you as well as offering help and information for following a Ketogenic diet. Keto has changed my life and I hope that it helps many more people, not just those suffering with auto immune diseases or fibromyalgia but for those who are overweight and looking to change their unhealthy lifestyle for a healthy one, losing weight in the process. So feel free to book mark us and pop back for updates and don’t forget to give us a share 🙂 To read my story on how I got started see here

Get your head right! Get your food right! Stay positive!   And trust the process!  #iluvketo

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