Social media

Facebook Page

We have a Facebook page that we regularly update but it seems lots of our followers are not actually getting to see our posts due to Facebook restricting the content that is being shown.

In order for a page to show value our followers have to interact with the page regularly by commenting, liking and sharing but……. if Facebook doesn’t show the posts people cannot interact with us.

Facebook decides who they show your page to and unless we pay to boost or pay to promote our page on a regular basis we don’t actually reach that many people, this is not something that we can do as we don’t make any income from the information that we provide to our followers.

Everything contained here and on facebook etc we pay for, we do have affiliate links throughout the site but people don’t use them so the time we spend building and maintaining the website, the hosting fees and the effort that goes into writing articles and providing content comes directly out of our own pocket.

So come along like the page and check in with us often so that Facebook sees our content as valuable and shares it more.

Facebook Group

Keto is the only diet that I know of that is free, all the information is out there on the internet and access to all of it is free!


  • No paying a weekly fee, which means you can save it and spend it on yourself
  • Freedom to weigh in your own home and not have to share your weight or your weight loss with an entire group
  • Access to help and support 24-7 not just on weigh day or via a consultant
  • Nobody telling you that you did something wrong if you gain weight


Our group is brand new so we don’t have thousands of members just yet which is great because you get to know each other, as the group grows.

The benefits of joining a keto group is you not only get my knowledge you get the knowledge from our members also, there is always someone around to answer questions or to provide support daily.


Due to the restrictions, Facebook has imposed on our page stopping us from reaching more people we have started to use our twitter page a lot more, its only been a few days and we are starting to reach many more people. Head on over and give us a follow!