Prescription medication

Prescription medication is prescribed solely by your doctor, if your doctor deems you to have a medical condition or a disease then they will prescribe a chemical medication to treat the condition or the disease, but what you need to ask yourself is, are people who take prescription medications really cured?

The answer is 100% no! why because medication only treats the SYMPTOM and not the root cause of the condition or the disease, and generally once you take one medication you need another, and another and another, because each of the medications prescribed comes with a huge list of side effects.

How many of us have been prescribed a medication and never even opened the leaflet inside the box to read it? (I know I have) and why would we, we trust our doctors to give us something that will make us well, but is the medication they are prescribing just making us sicker?


How many doctors have you seen over the years that are overweight or obese? Doctors are the knowledge center right? they know everything there is to know about health right? Wrong! they know absolutely nothing about feeding the body what it needs to be healthy.

Being overweight or obese is the bodies way of saying you’re not feeding me the right kind of food and nutrients at the right time to fuel and energize my body, the problem is how do we feed it the right food when our doctors don’t even know what the wrong food is?

We go to our doctors because we believe that they have all the knowledge necessary to make us well again, but how is a doctor who is never trained in nutrition going to treat or cure a diet-related disease if they do not know anything about nutrition? or what eating the wrong foods can do to your body?

Treating diet-related diseases with a chemical medication will never result in a cure, why? Because we are still consuming the food that is making us sick! Ok so why do doctors prescribe medication if it only treats the symptom and not the root cause of the condition or disease? the answer to that is simple it all comes down to money!

There is no money in healthy people and there is no money in dead people there is only money in sick people! So how do you keep a person sick? that’s easy, hush up the science-backed nutrition that promotes good health, shout about a diet that promotes ill health, and give them medications to treat the symptom of their condition or disease.

Eating the wrong food

Modern medicine can never treat the root cause of a condition or disease because doctors don’t know what the cause is, the majority of medical conditions and diseases of today are caused solely by what we EAT! our bodies were not designed to eat things like wheat and gluten and huge amounts of sugar and toxic processed food. Did you know we are the only mammal that drinks milk into adulthood? milk from cows is not only full of hormones and antibiotics which is no good for us, but its full of things that make a baby cow into a massive adult cow yet we drink it every day.

You have a choice

You do have a choice in life it is your body and your mind no one can force you to do anything you don’t want to do, you can carry on eating a crappy diet and choose to suffer (for the rest of your life) by covering up your condition or disease with chemical medications, or you can choose to cure your body and mind by eating real, healthy nutritious food, im not saying dont take the medication but what I am saying is read the information leaflet and make an informed decision about the medication that is being prescribed before you take it.

Ask yourself:

Why is it being prescribed?

What are the side effects?

Will it make my symptoms worse?

Can I change my diet so I don’t have to take these medications?