What is a macro calculator?

A macro calculator is a tool that we use to find our daily macros, macros are short for macronutrients, they are a percentage of

  • Fat

  • Carbohydrate

  • Protein

Our bodies need a certain amount of each of these macronurtrients for growth, metablolism and many other bodily functions. if you are following Keto for weight loss it is important that you eat the right amount of each of the these macronutrients or you may not lose weight.



The level of carbs is a personal choice and has to be one that suits your body, there are people who are able to tolerate more carbs and then there are people like myself who are sensitive to carbs, so keep them at the lower end of scale between 15-20g, the recommended maximum amount of carbs per day should be no more than 50g, the level for maximum benefit of weight loss is no more than 20g per day. there are many foods that our bodies need but carbohydrates is not one of them, the carbs you do eat should come mainly from vegetables.


The Ketogenic way of eating is high in fat, people always ask me how can you eat fat and lose weight? it doesn’t make sense. Once you limit carbs after a few weeks the body switches over from using carbs (sugar) to using fat for energy so the fat you consume gets used up and your fat stores greatly reduce. fat helps to fill you up and it keeps you full so add it to everything. You can get your fat from avacados, olive oil, butter, coconut oil ect.


Some people believe that keto is a high protein way of eating but this is not the case. Keto is moderate protein, high fat and low carb. Protein is a limit and should not be exceeded. Eating too much protein can stop you getting into ketosis or it can kick you out of ketosis, too much protein can turn to sugar and be stored as fat, so you need to make sure you are not over eating on protein, the amount of protein you can have is determined by how active you are, the more active you are the more protein you will need.